Why is Brand Identity Important?

having a brand identity

To boost your success in unpredictable designs, you must create a consistent and cohesive brand identity for your company. To protrude your brand from other competitors, you should use your techniques to their fullest. Creating a brand is not complicated, but it needs a lot of effort and pushes to create an image. The action is not required from a product or services point of view only but also as a visual perspective. When we talk about brand identity, we might confuse it with brand or digital marketing branding. But to make ourselves and the audience clear, we should know that it has a significant difference and can also impact your business.

  1. Brand: the way your consumers or customer perceive your business.
  2. Branding: a process used to attract customers and build awareness.
  3. Brand identity: tangible elements that aim to be perceptible, differentiated, and attainable. All these items form a brand image when they come together.

Brand identity is an integral part of letting your business grow. Brand identity is crucial for your customers to know and trust you. In the era of rising trade and competition, it isn’t easy to make marketing services and maintain the brand identity. A strong brand identity will make your customers ready to purchase from you without having a second thought about the quality and the product quantity. Which, ultimately, increases your brand loyalty. According to Forbes, customers tend to visit and compare much business before making their decision. And it has been made easy for them with internet available everywhere. They want to feel excited and confident about their experience and feel in control of the situation. All of this can be provided to them with a strong brand identity.

But the main question is, what goes into making a brand identity? Brand identity is a lengthy and problematic process. But every process can be made handy by breaking it into more straightforward steps, and so should be done for this. Following steps should be followed when you are making an identity for your brand.

  1. Understand what your brand stands for
  2. Strategize
  3. Design
  4. Create a Logo

These 4 points may seem simple to follow, but a lot goes into doing this work. Your strategy, design, and logo should be unique and different to make your brand shine, among others.

While all of this is important to make it, we need answers for why it is necessary. A recognizable brand can help your business be more successful, which is why you should have an effective brand identity. Creating a brand identity is applying your business values to a visual element that will promote the business. It can be more than just creating a brand logo. It consists of strategy and a variety of marketing materials. Brand development may include;

  • Business cards
  • Print materials
  • Stationary
  • Product packaging
  • Signage

Brand Identity Factors

  1. Consistency: When you create a brand message, it is consistent with your products and marketing strategies. It gives you the permission to have a consistent message and ideology that you want to put forward. It makes your brand unique and your idea an unofficial trademark that helps your customers recognize and appreciate you.
  2. Personality: Your identity design must set the tone for your brand and make a personality out of it. It may be a key to conjure up one’s mind with specific feelings. Your brand identity communicates your company’s message and promotes your business goals by setting a personality for it.
  3. Loyalty: Brand identity is an integral part of your customers to trust you. Once your customers trust you, they will be loyal and will also help to grow the business. No advertisement can have the same effect as one of your friends recommending it to you. When customers tend to be loyal towards you, they spread the word about the business, and it helps promote your business.
  4. Differentiation: Your brand identity’s primary and foremost purpose is to make you different from your competitors and make you look unique. At the same time, you provide it with the same or slightly better products but in a better way somehow. 

The above points may have clarified your idea about the brand identity and why it is essential. The brand identity was not an ideal approach due to a lack of resources and lack of ideas. Still, now, in the era of the internet, everything is a click away, and if your identity is not strong, it can vanish away as quickly as a finger snap. However, slight changes may occur as the industry is changing rapidly. But if you stay consistent and do everything right by the book and the technology, your brand is here to stay. Your designs should be unique, and you should know the difference between the brand, branding, and brand identity, and you are good to go.

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